Ruut Veenhoven - Presentation at conference in Nuernberg


European Multiplier Conference

Ruut Veenhoven

Final Meeting and Multiplier Seminar in Nuremberg, Germany


Our European Multiplier Seminar was hosted by the German project partner PS:Akademie Nürnberg. We invited adult education experts from many European countries that did not participate in the project in order to enable them to spread the project’s results also into their countries and to contribute to a widest possible dissemination.

The highlight of the Seminar was a lecture of Professor Dr. Ruut Veenhoven, titled "Greater Happiness for a greater number. What can adult education contribute?". Ruut Veenhoven is  emeritus-professor of 'social conditions for human happiness' at Erasmus University Rotterdam, director of the "World Database of Happiness" and founding editor of the "Journal of Happiness Studies".